The RioLeads Story

The RioLeads Story

Rob Good, a top-producing agent, and Matthew Summers, a digital marketing specialist, were frustrated by many popular lead generation systems. They felt the available solutions were fragmented and overpriced, offering poor performance and fixed monthly fees. They began to outline what they wanted from a lead generation system.

  • Turnkey – A comprehensive solution; website, content, marketing & leads.
  • Quality – No foreclosure or out-of-town leads; only high quality local leads.
  • Quantity – Once lead quality was dialed-in, turn up the lead volume.
  • Exclusive – True exclusivity, no sharing leads or markets.
  • Low-Cost – A performance-based fee structure with low monthly cost.
  • Guaranteed – A true partnership that drives performance and ROI.

The RioLeads Name

Early tests delivered “a river” of leads and the name stuck. RioLeads was founded in 2014, setting out to improve real estate lead generation and marketing. Today, RioLeads is used in markets across the country delivering high-quality leads, closed deals and something truly unique, a performance guarantee.

“We put one under contract yesterday and we’re writing an offer today for a another. We’re also working with a client who is close to pulling the trigger and one who will relocate in June. Life is good with a full pipeline! 😊”

Marc & Kathie Childers - Realty One Group

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